‘Unveiling the Unexplored’: World Tourism Day Promotes Diverse Travel Experiences

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In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, World Tourism Day 2023 echoed with the resonating call to ‘Discover the undiscovered.’ Spearheaded by the Saudi Tourism Authority CEO, Fahd Hamidaddin, the event emphasized the economic and social benefits of exploring lesser-known destinations, fostering wealth distribution and opportunities worldwide.

Drawing participation from leaders and experts representing 120 nations, this year’s commemoration, orchestrated by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), showcased a global call for collaborative efforts in tourism advancement. UNWTO’s ‘Tourism Opens Minds’ initiative, unveiled during the event, aimed to instill a culture of open-mindedness among travelers, encouraging them to diversify their destination choices.

Marcelo Risi, Chief of Communications at UNWTO, underscored the profound economic and social impacts of tourism, emphasizing its role in fostering understanding and prosperity worldwide.

Amid discussions themed ‘tourism and green investments,’ a spotlight was cast on the imperative of sustainable practices in the tourism sector. Spain, boasting a record influx of 10 million international tourists in July, pledged a commitment to sustainable development, investing €3.4 billion in greener initiatives. Rosana Morillo, Spain’s Secretary of State for Tourism, emphasized the importance of balancing sustainability with tourism growth, ensuring a sustainable future for both established and emerging destinations.

With the global tourism industry projected to contribute €8.9 trillion to GDP in 2023, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the event heralded optimism for a resurgence in travel post-pandemic.

As the curtains fell on this year’s festivities, the baton of hosting World Tourism Day was passed to Georgia, promising an exciting chapter in global tourism. Mariam Kvrivishvili, Deputy Minister at the Georgian Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, expressed gratitude for the international recognition, affirming Georgia’s readiness to welcome the world as a distinguished tourism destination.