Telegram revealed in an interview that the platform is on track to surpass one billion users in 2024

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Telegram, the social media platform known for its mass group chat functions, privacy emphasis, and encryption features, is poised to reach a monumental milestone this year. Pavel Durov, co-founder of Telegram, revealed in an interview that the platform is on track to surpass one billion users in 2024.

With 900 million monthly users already, Telegram stands as the sixth most utilized app globally, trailing behind behemoths like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, and WeChat. Durov likened Telegram’s rapid growth to a wildfire, attributing its success to users’ appreciation for its myriad features, speed, and security.

Durov underscored Telegram’s appeal, highlighting its commitment to independence, privacy, and freedom. Founded in 2013 by Durov and his brother, Telegram emerged as a response to government control over VKontakte (VK), a social media platform they previously created. In contrast to VK’s fate, Telegram prioritizes user privacy through end-to-end encryption and anonymity, enabling seamless sharing of messages, media, and files.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Telegram operates from a geopolitically neutral standpoint, distinguishing itself from major superpowers. Despite facing bans in countries like Russia, Telegram remains popular, particularly in India and Russia, where it serves as a vital communication tool for activists and journalists amidst authoritarian regimes.

While Telegram’s neutrality fosters an inclusive platform for diverse voices, it also grapples with challenges such as misinformation, propaganda, and illicit content. Nonetheless, Durov remains steadfast in Telegram’s commitment to maintaining a space that upholds principles of neutrality and free expression.